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Get your hands on this season’s designer sunglasses and give your vision the protection it needs

Protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays is essential. To offer your vision the very best protection, we have a wide selection of designer sunglasses in stock from this season’s collection.

Our high quality ranges of designer sunglasses are complete with polarising filters which eliminate 99.5% of reflected light. They also possess UV filters which offer 100% UV protection, helping to relieve discomfort caused by glare.

Your eyes can be damaged by prolonged exposure to intense sunlight and this could lead to AMD and cataracts. If your eyes feel sore and gritty when you are exposed to sunlight, it’s important that you book an appointment with our experienced optometrists.

Our team of frame stylist will be on hand to help you select the sunglasses that are best suited to you. We’ll ensure the frames fit comfortably and protect your eyes against harmful UV rays.

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