Do you have a child, who hates the thought of wearing glasses? Does he or she forget to take their specs to school – or lose them somewhere at home? Perhaps your teenager is afraid that other children will tease them or that they will look unattractive if they wear their glasses?

We understand these common fears, especially if your child or teen is wearing specs for the first time. That’s why we have a range of funky and fashionable eyewear choices specifically for children and teens. Choose from exciting designer ranges including titanium, flexible metal, stainless steel and plastic designs. These frames add a style statement to whatever your child is doing – and make them want to wear their specs!

And remember, wearing glasses is now in fashion. Just think of global phenomenon Harry Potter or teen star Elle Fanning, who is set to become the face of fashion brand Miu Miu in Spring 2014.

(Although, if your child would prefer something a little simpler, we also have great unbranded options, that they will love – because we know that for some children and teens, sometimes you make a statement by not making a statement.)

Of course, you can take it for granted that we will ensure your child’s specs will be ultra-comfortable and exactly right for their vision needs.