Behavioural Optometry

school boy having his eyes tested

Behavioural optometry can help to aid your child’s learning

Meares irlen syndrome

This is a from of visual stress that leads to difficulties reading and close tasks, which can include the words moving around on the paper.

What Is Behavioural Optometry?

In addition to a full eye test, it assesses:

young girl having her eyes tested
young girl receiving glasses

How does it help?

Following the behavioural optometry assessment, where spectacles or contact lenses are prescribed, and sometimes exercises recommended, the benefits for your child are:

At Kensington Eye Centre we carry out an extended specialist examination, looking for visual
problems that may be associated with difficulties at school. The appointment is usually one
hour long and can often lead to better educational performance from your child.

Vision therapy

Vision therapy is the name for a treatment plan to improve visual efficiency and visual processing, allowing your child to be more responsive to educational instructions and to improve confidence over all. There is no direct cure for learning disabilities, however, vision therapy has be proven to produce significant educational gains.

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