Spec-tacular eyewear for children

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Do you have a child, who hates the thought of wearing glasses? Does he or she forget to take their specs to school – or lose them somewhere at home? Perhaps your teenager is afraid that other children will tease them or that they will look unattractive if they wear their glasses? We understand these […]

Protect your eyes all year

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Do you automatically assume once summer’s a distant memory, that you no longer need your sunglasses? Are your shades languishing in a drawer somewhere, waiting for the warmer months? Most people believe that wearing sunglasses is a summer activity, like making sandcastles or paddling in the sea. It’s easy to think your eyes aren’t at […]

Dry eyes: what to do about them

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Do your eyes feel drier in winter than at any other time of year? Or find that your eyes are producing more tears than usual, but they still feel blurry, irritated or gritty? You could be suffering from a condition called ‘dry eye’. Dry eye syndrome is exactly what it says – when your eyes […]

You’ve been framed: choosing the right eyewear for you!

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Isn’t it amazing how much time we spend thinking about our appearances? After all, what we wear says a lot about who we are and how we want to be perceived. But how much consideration do you really give to your glasses? Of course, your specs are first and foremost about your sight. But once […]