Do you automatically assume once summer’s a distant memory, that you no longer need your sunglasses? Are your shades languishing in a drawer somewhere, waiting for the warmer months?

Most people believe that wearing sunglasses is a summer activity, like making sandcastles or paddling in the sea. It’s easy to think your eyes aren’t at risk when the sun is weaker, as it is in the winter months or at the beginning of spring. The problem is that your eyes are always vulnerable to UV light, which is present all year round. UV light is a danger to your eyes whatever the season, weather or temperature.

Exposure to high levels of UV radiation causes major eye problems, like cataracts, even cancer. Even temporary UV damage is very painful – it can feel a bit like sunburn on your eyes. UV radiation can’t be seen or felt, but it still hurts your eyes, not just when the sun is low for driving. So if you’re tempted to put on your shades on in the colder months, do so!

It’s especially important if you’re heading for snow or water this winter, as UV light and reflections can be intensified in the mountains or by the lake or sea. In fact, did you know that UV radiation goes up 3% for every 400 metres of altitude – even on an overcast day?

If you need advice about prescription sunglasses or how to fit your current eyewear under ski goggles, for example, pop in to see us. We’re only too happy to help you keep your peepers protected all year round.