Corporate Eye Care

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Ensure that your employees’ vision is protected and comfortable

A comprehensive eye examination will ensure that your employees’ vision is protected and comfortable. Irritated and sore vision can affect your employees’ performance at work.

At Chelsea Eye Centre & Kensington Eye Centre we offer a complete corporate eye care package. It enables you to offer your employee’s a set of benefits through a comprehensive eye care scheme including sight tests and great discounts on the latest designer eyewear.

VDU & Corporate Eye Care

Employees that use computers at work should have regular eye examinations to ensure that their eyes are not under unnecessary eyestrain whilst working.

The employer has a responsibility to pay for the eye examination under the DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Act.

Our optometrist will ensure that you receive the best advice to maximise your visual comfort. If required, corrective spectacles may be prescribed for VDU use.

You may even be entitled to help towards the cost of your spectacles, if the spectacles are required solely for VDU work.

It is a legal requirement (1992 Health & Safety DSE Regulations) for an employer to provide eye examinations for their employees who use computers at work to ensure that their eyes are not under unnecessary eye strain whilst working.

Symptoms may include blurred vision, headaches, burning or fatigue (eye tiredness) which left uncorrected can lead to inefficient performance in the workplace.

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