Prescription Lenses

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High quality prescription lenses in Kensington

At Kensington Eye Centre, we offer a wide range of single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses to restore your vision. Our expert opticians will advise you of the best options for your prescription, ensuring you receive the high level of professional eye care you need.

Depending on your lifestyle, we’ll also identify which lens coatings, tints and other upgrades will enhance your vision even further, including:

Our friendly and professional opticians will guide you through the best tints and coatings for your glasses prescription. This will have a huge effect on the final appearance of your spectacles, so it’s important that you talk to the vision specialist

Modern glasses lens options

Kensington Eye Centre understands that you want nothing less than the best in eye care. We offer thinner, high index lenses for all prescriptions, along with special coatings that reduce glare and light reflections. We offer SAME DAY SERVICE on most prescriptions, even the most complex high prescriptions.

These lens options are specially designed to enhance the natural look of your eyes and the style of your frames, rather than the medical aspect.

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Thin glasses lenses for your modern life

All our high quality lenses are available in glass, plastic or polycarbonate, and are produced by the best global lens manufacturers, including Kodak, Essilor and Nikon.

In order to provide you with lenses that meet the needs of your busy, modern life, Kensington Eye Centre is proud to stock the world’s thinnest plastic 1.76 bi-aspheric lenses.

Protect your eyes from blue light

We all know that computers and devices emit blue light, a cause of retinal cell death and disruption to the natural sleep-wake cycle. For example, it can be harder to fall asleep if you look at your phone when you’re about to go to sleep. Until now, the coating of most prescription lenses blocked just 38% of this blue light.

At Kensington Eye Centre, we utilise the latest in lens technology to block 96% of blue light emitted from devices and screens.

For more information about Kensington Eye Centre’s high quality prescription lenses, please contact us or call 0207 937 8282 today.

What are the benefits of alternate lens materials?

Offer optimum visual clarity, scratch resistant and offers the thinnest form of lens for the higher prescriptions.

Shatter resistant and half the weight of glass lenses. Available in higher indices ie 1.6, 1.67,1.74 and now 1.76.

20% lighter than plastic lenses and very thin. Virtually unbreakable and comfortable to wear. Recommended in rimless, half rimmed and childrens glasses.

We supply varilux varifocals and are Varilux Specialists, providing these lenses in Kensington for over 13 years. We provide an EXPRESS SERVICE (two to three day turnaround) on varilux varifocal lenses in Kensington.

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