Contact Lenses

man holding a contact lense

High quality contact lenses give you the freedom & flexibility

Contact lenses not only correct your vision, they provide you with a level of freedom and flexibility you simply can’t find with prescription glasses. With daily disposable contact lenses, there’s no cleaning necessary- whether you wear them every day or occasionally, you simply throw them away when you’re finished with them.

High quality contact lenses at reasonable prices

Kensington Eye Centre offers leading brands at competitive rates, including:

Our experienced contact lens practitioner will help you find the right contact lenses for your individual needs, lifestyle and budget. Our stock includes both daily and monthly lenses from leading suppliers including:

We can also fit rigid gas permeable lenses, offering a superior quality of vision, even if you have a high prescription.

Independent opticians in Kensington

As an independent optician, Kensington Eye Centre isn’t tied to any one contact lens supplier, allowing us to source other branded lenses that can be dispatched within 48 hours.

We also stock a range of coloured contact lenses, to effectively change your eye colour for special occasions. Finish off a sophisticated or dramatic look by matching or contrasting your contact lenses to your outfit.

Our range of vibrant blue, green and violet lenses will transform even dark eyes, and are available as either daily or monthly disposable contact lenses.

Eliminate your need for reading glasses

Our professional contact lens practitioner can advise on, and fit, bifocal contact lenses, eliminating your need for reading glasses. Kensington Eye Centre specialises in toric lenses, perfect for correcting astigmatism.

When you visit Kensington Eye Centre for your lenses, we’ll show you how to get the most from them and how to insert your lenses properly before you leave us. We’ll continue to provide you with high quality aftercare after your visit, monitoring your vision to ensure your eyes are in good health.

To find out more about our high quality lenses in Kensington, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or call 0207 937 8282.

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